Artisan Spotlight: Artisan School of Fes

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Featured items: towels, throws, scarves




The school is government funded, and one of the rare locations where girls are admitted to further education. Students from throughout the High Atlas Mountain region are awarded scholarships and commit to a 4 year program to become masters in their trade. Students spend the first two years studying theory and history of textile design, and traditional symbolism behind designs. 
Most come from nomadic families in which textiles provide a visual history and critical role in daily life, since there is often no written language for tribal dialects. Often a family's prized textile will serve multiple purposes. Not only decorative- what looks like a pillow to us is used as a chair (people typically sit on the ground), saddle blanket (for trekking through the Sahara) and suitcase in which they stuff all of their belongings into to cushion their camel ride or head as a pillow at night.
As part of their apprenticeships, LOOM has sponsored the weaving and textile courses to help students perfect their skills making our Moroccan towels, throws, scarves. We source vintage and traditional pillows from students families and have worked together to create designs that are more adaptable to an outside market and not specifically tribal themed.

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