small batch handmade artisan goods - LOOM is on the road this week, visiting our artisan partners in guatemala & mexico - follow along on instagram & facebook @loomimports - orders will ship october 9

Mission & Inspiration


We source beautiful products in remote places to share with you. 

Founded in 2013, our mission is to promote the fine craftsmanship of international Artisans and foster careers in traditional arts. Inspired by the art and influences of distant times and cultures, we hope to make you feel like you are on a beautiful journey! By opening new markets to isolated villages, we can not only help break the cycle of poverty, but share unique goods and their stories with you. Our goal is to make sure that traditional techniques are not lost to history and continue to thrive and evolve with modern needs and styles.

LOOM supports sustainable community development without compromising traditional values and skills. We are dedicated to producing our lines through supply chains which treat people with dignity and respect. We ensure fair wages, as well as provide resources for community development. 

We are here to support each other along our journey. LOOM firmly believes in work-life balance. We travel to inspire ourselves and others - to connect with unique people and situations that fuel knowledge and teach us about ourselves and our world.



Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Honor the tradition of honest, hard work. Live the life you love.

LOOM is a travel-inspired company that has developed relationships with Artisans in countries such as Morocco, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia and Thailand. We work together to create authentic, handmade, environmentally and socially conscious products. We love traveling. We love sharing and learning new things. During our travels, community members have asked if we knew anyone who might be interested in their products...We think we do!

LOOM Imports is rooted in the Appalachian Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, a region with a rich history of traditional craft and culture of it's own. Traveling throughout the world, founder, Mae Link, noticed that regardless of location, people crave comfortable, beautiful and inspiring things that resonate with their soul. Every piece in the LOOM collection has a story, a soul, and is handmade by the finest local craftsmen we encounter. 

Products are sourced directly from the Artists who make them, each of whom we have spent many hours collaborating. We oversee the process from start to finish. Focused on craftsmanship, your purchases cultivate the next generation of global artisans.

Relationships with Artisans have been built over years of traveling to remote places, volunteering and working in indigenous communities. We cherish the time spent with Artisans and their families, sharing dreams over meals and long days of work. Their generosity in opening their homes and hearts to people like us truly has made the world a smaller place.

 The core of LOOM is to support and foster cultural heritage through arts and traditional crafts. Each product is carefully curated and made using traditional handmade techniques.  As a social enterprise, LOOM substantially reduces poverty in disadvantaged communities where we work. 

Thank you for your support!