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Gifts for Her Under $50

A round up of gifts under $50 for all of the wonderful women in your life (including yourself!).  All of these lovely things are handmade and ethically sourced from artisans around the world.                              1. Azul Woven Scarf This oversized blue scarf was made by hand in Guatemala.  It is woven with traditional designs and then embroidered on the end with pink, white, and red details 2. Moroccan Leather Slippers Handmade leather slippers with an intricate embroidered and sequined design. Handmade in Morocco and available in a variety of colors. 3. Embroidered Floral Pouch These pouches are embroidered by hand in Ayacucho, Peru.  A zip closure with...

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A Primer on Alpaca Wool

Alpaca fleece is one of the world’s most luxurious fabrics, a jewel amid all the synthetic fibers and harsh materials found in our everyday lives.  Softer than cashmere, and available in a wide array of colors, alpaca serves as a natural thermostat by using microscopic air pockets to trap body heat in cooler temperatures and to release heat in warmer weather.

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